How to Tie Dye a Shirt
This is Bobs first in the how to tie dye series and will show you how to make a perfect rainbow spiral shirt every time!
Things you will need 
  • Shirt (preferably 100% cotton, the higher the better and don't use anything less than 50% or the paint will be very washed out and won't last as well)
  • Rubber bands
  • Rainbow Tie dye paint set - I source mine from
  • Paint brushes (best to have 1 per colour)
  • Plastic bag
Step 1: Wash and rinse
The first thing to do is wash and rinse your t shirt. There are 2 good ways to do this 
  1. In a bucket with some washing detergent and ring it out afterwards
  2. Or, put it in a washing machine on a quick wash, hand wash setting and set spin speed to slow (this ensures the shirt is still wet but not too wet after the wash).
How to tie dye a shirt
Step 2: Tie it up
Place the t shirt on a table or flat surface
Pinch from the middle of the shirt or wherever you want the spirals centre to be and begin to twist it clockwise.
Continue to twist until it is in a neat circle and bunch it together
Next - take 2 rubber bands and make a cross over the shirt. Doing this we are splitting the shirt into sections which will then be different colours.
Then make another cross so you will have 8 sections all up!
 Step 3: Painting
Next, place the shirt on a plastic sheet (freezer bags work great) and get your paints ready. It is best to have them lined up following the order of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink. To make a perfect rainbow spiral shirt you will want to choose a colour to start with and then follow the order above (you can also follow it backwards) so that you get the best transition of colours and don't end up with any colours creating ugly mixes!
How to Tie Dye a Shirt 
So, choose a colour to start with like... RED
Try to keep most of the colour in the section between the rubber bands, but don't worry too much if it gets into other areas (it just makes it looks more unique!). As you paint, it is best to start from the centre of the shirt and be careful to pull back the folds of the shirt and paint into them or else you will get a lot of white on your shirt.
 Keep following the colour order and make your way around the shirt!
As you have 8 sections and only 7 colours the last two sections will have a bit more paint.
Next - Flip over and do the same on the other side - make sure the colours are in the same sections on both sides of the shirt
Step 4: Dry
Now the shirt is painted put it out in the sun to dry. Recommended 15-20 minutes either side.
Step 5: Unravel and hang
Once the shirt has dried for a while take off the rubber bands and hang it on a clothes hanger in the sun to finish drying. Following these steps you will make a perfect rainbow spiral tie dye shirt every time!
Perfect tie dye shirt
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