The Bobs Buckets Journey - The process of becoming a Bucket Architect: Part 1

This will be the first of a series of blog under the tale of the Bobs Buckets journey. These will include anything from tie dye lessons, business and marketing lessons to awesome parties or events and ideas i have had or want to develop over time.

My official title as seen on my business card is Bucket Architect. Many have inquired over how i have attained such a rank or merely stood in awe at the glamor and astounding greatness of the title itself, even without the work that is produced as a result of it.I thought the best way to explain how to reach such a glorious position would be to explain the journey that has brought me to this point and how Bob and Bobs Buckets has developed over time.

In February this year I decided that I could make an awesome hat just like this (image below) one I got at a festival Bonnaroo in America. I would say this hat is probably the greatest possible souvenir from Bonnaroo as it allowed me to relive the craziness and carry a part of it round with me everywhere.

inspiration bucket travelling around the world

 On the rest of my travels it became a staple of everyday of everyday life. I mean not only is it outrageously bright, awesome and colourful! But it also keeps the sun off you, keeps your head dry, and somehow also seems to lead with weird interactions with random people you meet out. One night In Chicago I met people who drove us across the city to play giant Jenga in a bar with free popcorn, thus is the life of a Bucketeer. However, while it was a truly radical hat, whenever it got rained the hat would soak me in a delightful rainbow liquid which would soak into my skin. So I ordered 30 bucket hats and a pack of rainbow tie dye from Byron to try making my own.

My first attempt was... not quite what I wanted. They weren’t as colourful or anywhere near as paint covered as I had expected. While they looked good tied up it just wasn’t the right way to paint buckets, they were pretty patchy. So, I passed these off as tester buckets and gave them away to anyone who liked them. They helped brighten up a few people’s days at secret garden and that was good for now.


Stage 1 Buckets

While disappointed, people still liked them and I figured I just had to figure out a new way to paint them. I tried a few different ways of painting and it was definitely an improvement. All of these were unique painted in different ways; this was where the development of the Bucket Architect truly begun. While there is no prescribed method to develop the skills necessary to define oneself as a true bucket architect, this was where the journey began.

Stage 2 Buckets

These all sold pretty quickly, mostly at parties or events where we begun promoting with our original business cards – which were basically coloured pieces of cardboard with the Facebook page written on it. These buckets were also the end of the original 30 I ordered, so I ordered another 70 buckets and more paint.

The next stage was to come up with new ideas – leading to the sunburst buckets, ninja turtle, and rainbow buckets.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part 2 as well as some awesome new products and discounts to come soon! I appreciate any feedback or questions at and check out the Bobs Buckets Facebook page - and follow us on where we are currently giving away free socks and packages!

Peace out,


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