The Bobs Buckets Journey - The process of becoming a bucket architect: Part 2

This is the second installment of the Bobs Buckets journey, concluding the saga of becoming a bucket architect and how Bobs Buckets became as awesome as they are today. Just to quickly recap below in an image of my inspiration bucket. That which to me was the pinnacle of tie dye bucket hats and my goal to replicate in order to attain my title of bucket architect.


In my bucket hat development it became clear that rainbow buckets were definitely a favourite with ocean buckets a close second. However, I found it was also ideal to have a range of colours and designs as everyone tends to have a different style or colours they love. Other bucket hats that were developed as I progressed through the ranks of bucket development included the sunburst, ninja turtle and Hawaiian bucket designs. Below you can also see one of the first rainbow buckets I developed. While it was still a great and well loved bucket, with my initial inspiration bucket in mind I wanted to perfect the rainbow bucket to be more rainbow, more spiral and more tie dye than ever before! I believed that only through doing this could one truly obtain the title of Bucket Architect.


Stage 3 bucket hats: Sunburst, Ninja Turtle and Rainbow tie dye bucket hats

At this point I decided that we needed to develop a logo to ensure that our buckets were identifiable as a Bobs Bucket - my dream being that one day, anytime a bucket hat is mentioned, peoples first thoughts will be – but is it a Bobs Bucket?

Basically I thought we were now legit. But I... I wanted to be too legit to quit.

So we developed our logo, printed it on our business cards and got ourselves some rad stickers to hand out as well as some patches made up to secure the brand onto our buckets.

Logo, stickers and patches

Bobs Business Cards

This brings us to now. To the final buckets of rainbow glory that have been forged. These are exactly what I wanted setting out originally. It only took 4 months to get it but here are some of my awesome final (or stage 4) rainbow buckets! With these designs I have now fully accepted my title of bucket architect and proudly wear the title like a badge of honour, identifying me as a superior bucket hat creator.

Stage 4 Rainbow Buckets

As well as having perfected the rainbow bucket there are many other designs that I have perfected along the way, including the aforementioned sunburst, ninja turtle, ocean and Hawaiian bucket hats. As both the bucket hat and tie dye continue to have a resurgence in popularity we have now made over 130 sales totalling over $3000 in the last 4 months. This is already more than I could have imagined when we started in February and sales are increasing more every week as we find awesome new products to rainbowfy.

Stage 4 Buckets - Sunburst, Ninja turtle, Ocean and Hawaiian Buckets!

Thanks everyone for your support and for reading! Bobs Buckets could never be what it is today without all you awesome people and your sharing of my love for all things colourful and tie dye. To give a little something back to you guys enter the code 15OFF at checkout to receive 15% off your order as well as free stickers and another special rainbow surprise!

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