The Rainbow Road of 2015

Bobs Buckets has now been spreading the rainbow for almost a whole year! In this time we have made over 311 sales totalling over $12000 of glorious rainbow goodies! We have continued to develop and perfect our tie dye techniques and our awesome new logos and branding to make Bobs Buckets as awesome and colorful as possible! 

Firstly we'd love to thank all our awesome supporters from Instagram, Facebook and all over the world! We are constantly seeing awesome new people out and about in our gear at festivals, the streets, parties and wherever else helping to spread the rainbow and frankly, its awesome!

                         Above: A couple of our awesome rainbow supporters from over the year!

In 2015 we want to continue to improve our products and service as much as possible, so here just a few things we are going to be changing in the near future:

Firstly: We are going to be changing how we fulfill orders. Right now we make everything to order which means once you make an order, then we make your order and send it out. This means that when stuff gets busy it can be pretty difficult for Bob to keep up and may mean it takes longer to get your order. By having all our stock pre made we can make sure you know what’s ready to be shipped out and get your rainbows as quickly as possible. While this may lead to us being occasionally out of stock for some things it will mean we have more goods ready to go for GIVEAWAYS and PRIZES for all our amazing followers and supporters!

Secondly: We are simplifying our store! Unfortunately this means a whole bunch of items have gone; pocket shirts, socks, bags, beanies and a few others are no longer available. If you are really desperate for one you can still email us to sort something out. But by doing this, we believe we can focus on making our buckets and t shirts as amazing as possible! We will bring some of these items back in the future though, better and more colorful than before!

Next: We are switching to new suppliers for bucket hats and t shirts! For buckets this means new sizes to fit smaller heads with a new S/S size bucket (46cm) and hopefully new kids buckets within a month or two.

For t shirts this means fresh new shirts that are lighter (150 GSM), softer, and more comfortable with a better fit! Bob has tested these shirts extensively and they are guaranteed to provide more comfortable rainbow goodies whether your havin a boogie or just laying around by the pool. Plus our new t shirt supplier is W.R.A.P certified and more environmentally conscious, ensuring a sweat shop free product and ethical work conditions with minimal environmental impact.

                                    Above: Our fresh new shirts! 

Finally – Branding! We have awesome new Bobs Buckets labels and swing tags with our new logos on them which will soon be on all Bobs Buckets shirts and buckets so everyone will know what a righteous bucketeer you are!

             .Above: Our fresh new branding and swing tags!

We are excited for what is sure to be an awesome year with plenty of crazy new rainbow items and adventures!



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