Whether you are strongly opinionated when it comes to politics or couldn't care less if the No Parking Meters Party gets voted in, Australia's political landscape leaves ... much to be desired.

When was the last time we had a true leader? Someone who was appreciated throughout the country as an inspiration. Someone who could appear for public events without being booed and chastised! When was the last time we had someone stand in front of Australia who represented our dreams? Our hopes. Someone who could stand in front of thousands anywhere in the country and evoke an uproar in the crowd. Someone who could make people BELIEVE! BELIEVE in themselves! BELIEVE in the future!

Why should you BELIEVE in Bob?

You may think - but this Bob character, what can he do for me? What's so cool about him? So what, he makes a couple of bucket hats and now thinks he’s all that? Maybe I’ll make my own bucket hats and we’ll show him what’s what. Well to that Bob says bring it, because Bob would never stop you doing anything you BELIEVE you can do!

To BELIEVE in Bob is – not just to be led by some tyrannical bucket architect, trying to pawn his mystical wares by taking advantage of Australia’s less than average political environment, but – to BELIEVE in yourself. To BELIEVE in a brighter future! 

Sure, some people might not BELIEVE there is a Bob. Maybe he’s just a symbol, created by some corporation we've never heard of to sell bucket hats. Just another mascot trying to "improve your life." Maybe he is merely an idea, created to one day start some sort of cultural movement or a rainbow worshiping cult?

But ideas can be powerful. And so can rainbows. And Maybe... If you BELIEVE, then Bob will be more than just an idea. If not just one but hundreds, thousands of people come forward and say - I BELIEVE IN BOB - then surely that can make a difference!

Well, that's great Bob but what exactly does any of this mean?

To BELIEVE IN BOB means whatever you want it to mean. Whether that means BELIEVING that Bob is the future, that Bob will bring glory and rainbows. Or, that you are Bob, that we are all Bob, slowly moving forward and merging together to become an evangelical rainbow being that will remove anger and hatred from the world to ascend us to a vibrantly psychedelic future.

I am Bob. You are Bob. We are Bob.


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