BUMMY - Bringing back the fanny pack!

"Do you find yourself wishing you had a place to keep your darts, to stash your lighter and even more importantly keep your vitamins safe and sound?"

Well you're in luck because Bummy are bringing back the fanny pack IN ST¥LE with their high speed, retro funk, 420 skitz p/hour bumbags. So strap yourself in and get ready hit the discotheque 'coz this 90s style is gonna be gettin jiggy with it harder than fresh prince re-runs!

Retro Bummy

Once upon a time... Bummy began with a simple dream from the supercharged brains of owners Batty and Stitch:

"We dream that everyone will soon be wearing a Bummy with nothing but energy, smiles, laughter, dance, pride, tolerance, dreams and kindness from one hip right to the other."

Their foray into funky fanny packs began with 3 signature styles that are still kickin it old skool and rippin it up on d floors across Australia today!

Firstly, the Retro Bummy! A personal favourite purely due to its retro FLAVA - perfectly complemented with a pair of fluoro leg warmers and an oversized hair do. Stylish whether you're on the dance floor or just pumping it at your next Retro Sweat class.


The Old Skool - comes complete with one storage pocket on the front, another opening to the top and two smaller pockets on either side. That's 4 pockets of fun right there! Can be side-styled for easy access or front-on for safekeeping!

Old Skool Bummy

Old Skool

At no. 03 comes in the Parachute Bummy! This family friendly hit is made from 80's inspired parachute material. With a funky retro outer and that soft white lining that will caress your valuables to a calm state of trance - you can't wear this and not have a dance!

Parachute Bummy

Parachute Bummy

To match they have released a range of funky festival leggings at affordable prices. They are maximum fun - unisex - affordable - and festival ready! We've hand picked and disco checked the finest array of Bummy leggings. Including (from left to right) the Funs of Fruit, the Techno Zebra, Fruit Fanatics (we love gettin fruity) and the freshly released Fizzy Dwink!

Shop Leggings

Since the success of their retro styles Bummy have released a new range of printed Bummys to match their groovy leggings! These fresh print Bummys feature 2 front pockets, 1 rear and 1 internal pocket to maximise your storage capabilities.

Astro Cat BummyRaztec Bummy

Techno Zebra BummyEuphoric Emerald Bummy

Peep the fresh Bummy Range here!

So this year - say no more to patting down your pockets, constantly checking whether you left your wallet somewhere, or finding some slippery bugger's nicked your phone! Strap yourself into a fresh Bummy and keep your gear safe in a funky place!

Bummy are just part of our journey to find the freshest festival gear from an array of local brands - check out the blog below on FROTHLYF and more to come feat. Rowdy Fans and Seadragon Studio!



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