Depression and Mental illness are always a tough subject, but more and more campaigns across the world are joining together to to hopefully one day make sure that no single person ever feels alone, depressed and suicidal.

Last week was #RUOKDAY in Australia, a nation-wide campaign whose vision is “a world where we're all connected and are protected from suicide.” For a few years now #RUOKDAY has encouraged Australians across the nation to ask their friends and family R U OK? While spreading the message and helping those in need is extremely important, other campaigns take a slightly different tactic at combating depression in the world.

While at Sasquatch Music Festival i met an amazing group of humans who, within minutes we were sharing hugs with, flying kites and watching some amazing sunsets. After a beautiful afternoon as we parted ways we were all handed a little red card from our new compadres.

Our faces instantly lit up! A card for each of us, that simply said… “Hey, You’re Amazing!” How simple was that? A card with a compliment, and no commercial branding.

We’d accrued multiple group hugs by this point, before setting a time and a place to meet our new favourite people the next day.

Hey, You’re Amazing was started by Brian Blee of Blee Creative with the simple goal of spreading positivity and light throughout the world. He and his amazing, beautiful and positive friends are fantastic ambassadors for spreading the message and we knew we instantly wanted to be a part of it.

“With the amount of negative messages we are exposed to everyday, HYA aims to remind people of their importance in the world. Using HYA cards, our community promotes loving one another and showing appreciation rather than succumbing to fear and hate.” (Hey, You’re Amazing)

Armed with a handful of cards we were ready to meet some funky new friends and spread the love. Festivals, or even a night out, are perfect places to spread the message as you get to meet such a variety of amazing people from all over the world. Everyone we gave one to instantly became a bundle of joy and it was almost impossible to pass one on without an immediate loving embrace. How amazing is that?!


Hey, You're Amazing GROUP HUG <3 <3 <3 

We quickly organised an order of 500 cards from Brian and Hey, You’re Amazing for the rest of our six month trip around the USA and Canada, where we made sure to spread the message wherever we could. From Park Rangers to Las Vegas janitors, to waiters and (other) weird hippies our Hey, You’re Amazing cards were always with us, at the ready, to brighten up people’s days. The best part? That joy was something they could then pass on. By giving their card to the next amazing person.

What the Festival - Rooftop Sunset Amazingness!

Hey, You’re Amazing It’s a simple message and a simple goal. And it’s just the thing that’s needed to make this world a brighter, more beautiful place. So let’s not reserve our “R U OK’s?” for just one day, or a month. Let’s instead make the choice to constantly spread positivity, and make sure that love and appreciation is felt far and wide!

Locally, there is a lot more support and campaigns than just R U OK day as well. Bronte Bloomfield recently started Mind Your Head AUS after going through her own mental health journey, including experience speaking to many inspiring individuals who have navigated their own path. Mind Your Head aims to create a space full of information from personal experience and research from others to help students navigate their own experience. By providing a range of information and alternatives this campaign aims to draw attention to the fact that mental health cannot be treated by one single treatment. There is no one medication or remedy that will work because every person and experience is different. To have long lasting effective treatment Mind Your Head promotes a mixture of many of these areas, including overlooked areas like food consumption.

To go hand in hand with this idea - there is no one Mental Health campaign that is right or wrong, or better or worse, because every individual is different and has a completely different mental health experience. One which might resonate with one person may be totally ineffective for another. That is why it is important that these campaigns are spread and promoted as much as possible, so that any individual who needs information on mental health can have as much information as possible to find out what works best for them.

Check out more from Hey, You’re Amazing (http://www.heyyoureamazing.com/) and Mind Your Head AUS (https://www.facebook.com/MindYourHeadAUS)


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