"If you're getting down and dirty at a bush doof, ravin hard on the dancefloor or just trying to beat the heat, stay cool with a Rowdy Fan" - Ned Kelly.

Rowdy Fans - your fresh new d-floor companion will keep you cool - and feelin Rowdy!

Rowdy Fans

Time and time again OZ party goey-ers are forced to brace the heat. The vast majority of our top festivals take place in the peak of summer and in the middle of the bush. But whether you're in a 420 bpm bush sauna surrounded by balloon lovers, inflatable couches and doof sticks or in a slow cook Warehouse "5-10 minutes from the CBD" Rowdy Fans will be your newest saviour!

A perfect blend of necessary and accessory - Rowdy fans will provide you with the most fashionable relief to beat the heat since slip, slop slap! 

Straight outta Melbin' their first collection is inspired by memorable disco tales, dancefloors, summer cocktails and all things tropical. With Fresh-Prints covering your daily dose of fruits including Bananarama, Watermelondria and Yellow and Black Pine-Lover!

Rowdy Fans

A couple of 'Rowdy Fans'

Perfect to complement your already fruity festival fascade!

Watermelondria Rowdy Fan

Watermelondria Fan

Rowdy Fans have something for everyone with their ever growing range, from Donut Lovers to Birdwatchers...

Doughnut Delicious Fan

Doughnut Delicious Fan

Rowdy Fans

Hey-Ho Flamingo Fan (Right) and Toucan Schwam Fan (Back Left)

They've even got something for the Rainbow children...

Rainbow Rowdy Fan

Rainbow Stylin Fan

..........the Masterchefs...

What's cookin good lookin? Rowdy Fans

What's cookin good lookin?

And for the ones who never quite left Berlin...

Techno Rowdy Fan

Techno Lover Fan

Made of bamboo and printed silk, Rowdy Fans even offer personalised fan engraving (so your m8's can't steal them)!

Rowdy Fans Engraving

So ditch that $2-store-excuse-for-keeping-cool or that dodgy promotional stick someone chucked at you on your way in, and grab yourself a ROWDY FAN today! Because you deserve the very best - a one way ticket to paradise in the never ending summer that is Le Dancefloor.

Rowdy Fans are one of Bobs' freshest store additions in a quest to bring you the finest selection of local festival goodies! Check out other brands like Bummy Bumbags and FROTHLYF in the blogs below and support you locals!


Bob xo

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