Why we love to FROTH!

What more could you ask for in a festival accessory than something that looks awesome and can provide you with a stimulating visual experience!

Frothlyf have been leading the game with their range of nick skitz megamix kaleidoscope eyewear. Rather than just providing a standard avo frame like many tripper glasses, Frothlyf strive to provide funky fashionable, yet psychedelic frames for all festival goers and third eye explorists.

Take for example - their freshest release - the Kurt Kobain Kaleidescopes

Retro - fresh - funky - FROTHY

Why would you buy some standard ass basic trip glasses when you could have these bad boys! Fresh enough to rip a phat guitar solo in or just a fashionable mong out on the df to pachanga boys.

Froth Lennons

Froth Lennons

This is far from the only unique style Frothlyf have generated - other top notch trippers include Lennons (guess where they're styled from), and Love Drugs, and of course, their most strap-yourself-in style - the FROTH GOGGS.

You can't wrap a pair of these around your brain without feeling like an interplanetary doof ninja, and looking like an absolute skitz c***

Frothlyf Goggles

Froth Goggs

And this is far from all Froth has to offer! They have rapidly expanded into vintage wear, a sick selection of unique local brands and of course, the highly acclaimed - - - DISCO ROBES!@$@#@%#%#

These locally made Robes are a pinnacle of festival outerwear, transforming the average punter into a radiant disco kween.

Not to mention - FROTHLYF have been bringing the heat at festivals across Australia with their signature Festival Stores and ripping renegade parties ft Sandstorm and Venga Boys.

FROTHLYF - Babylon Festival 2k17

Frothlyf full range of Psychedelic Eyewear available online and at festivals now!

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